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Few Tips For Successful Blogging

Few Tips For Successful Blogging


The internet has simply revolutionized the way we communicate with people and business. Today, there are many online platforms that allow you to write and share your views and opinions. Blogging is preferred by many people because it offers a free or cheap way to share your views and opinions. Nowadays, many people earn money through blogging. In fact, blogging has indeed become a great business opportunity for many people. If you want to know How to blog, you can search the Internet to find various tutorials. Nowadays, blog writers are hired by various companies. You can easily improve your money making opportunities by improving your blogging skills. You can check this article – for improving your business.

There are billions or even countless number of blog posts in the Internet sphere. People find the relevant blog post through the Internet search engines only. For example, if a person wants to find pizza recipes, then he will search pizza recipe in the search engine textbox and then click the search button to get the suggestions. A single search engine page can list only 10 links and people tend to check the first 2 – 3 pages of the search engine results. If your blog post appears in the first page of the search engine results, then you will have more visitors.

So, simply writing an amazing blog post is not sufficient to attract the new traffic. Your post should also be recognized by the search engine and it should appear on the first page of the results for relevant keywords. This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – a technique used to optimize your web page for the search engines. Now we will provide tips on writing a SEO friendly blog post.

After you have decided the topic and the content to be written, you should spend time on keyword research. Finding the right keyword and embedding in the article helps the post to be properly categorized by the search engines. There are plenty of keyword planning tools available in the market. After finding the keyword, it should be inserted organically into the post. Too much stuffing of the keyword could result in penalization.

The title of the post should be clear and attractive. For examples, titles like “Marketing Techniques 101”, and “Online Marketing” is sure to attract both the human readers and the search engines. The name of the url should be clear to both search engines and the readers. Nowadays, search engines consider the readability of the URL as well. The keyword should have appropriate keyword and should describe your blog. You should use power words such as amazing, breathtaking, daring, etc. in your article title to attract more readers.

The structure of the article should be good enough for the readers to read thoroughly. You should cut down the length and make the article crispy as much as possible. You should also add sufficient images to make the content more interesting and readable. You should also update the blog regularly so that people and search engines remember your blog for days.