Advantages Of LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting

The light emitting diodes or LED’s have gained immense popularity over the years due to their exceptional features. First, let us see what a high bay lighting is. We all know gymnasiums, function halls, factories, hotels, warehouses,and auditoriums, right? These places have large areas with high ceilings. The lighting in such places is known as high bay lighting. The Led High bays are preferable these days having ample advantages and benefits. For further information on the high bay LED lighting, please refer to the website

The LED lights can deliver the same illumination and coverage like the fluorescent and halide lamps but use less energy to do so. There is a definite increase in light uniformity with LED high bay lighting. LED’s reduce the light distortion and minimal static build-up. LED lighting paired with sensors are smarter and technologically advanced. The safety record of LED lighting is exceptional,and no heat will be generated. LED lights will not flicker,and there will be no gradual warm-up. The LED lights are damage proof too.

Lighting Performance
LED lightings can be differentiated from their counterparts mainly in the lighting performance factor. The LED lights are much better than the HID counterparts. LED lighting uses the multi-point design. Light is distributed evenly on the surface. The LED light fluctuation will be very low. Between the fixed mounted locations, the light levels will not vary. The LED lights are available in a various range of Correlated color temperatures designs. There are ranges of brightness in the LED lights. The world will seem even brighter, isn’t it? The HID lights produce a bright spot underneath the fixture. As the distance from the fixture increases, their brightness decreases.

Reduction Of Maintenance Costs:
The use of LED lights will decrease the high bay lighting costs to a large extent. The LED lights have an excellent functional life. The other sources of lights do not function properly if the source of fuel is exhausted. This does not happen with LED lights. Their degradation is very slow. The cost and load of maintenance of LED lights are low and beneficial. The functional life of LED’s is more than the HID’s. When the costs of LED lights over a fixed period was compared with the HID lights, there was a drastic difference.

Energy Savings
Energy savings are the main criteria why LED lightings are preferred over the normal ones. The wattage of standard HID lights of high bay fixtures ranger over 175-1000 watts. In case of LED’s, it is only 95-495 watts. Surprising, isn’t it? Replacing the normal lighting with LED lighting will reduce the energy consumption by almost 40-60%. The savings will mainly depend on the size of the personal or professional setup.

These are the three main key points to be considered while switching on the lighting from HID to LED. The fundamental advantages of LED lighting are thus energy savings, decrease of lighting maintenance and increase in the overall lighting performance. The LED technology is becoming more precise and is cutting edges day after day.

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